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My name is Delphine Van Bay, I was born in Paris, I am a Digital Matte Painter, Graphic Artist & Art Director based in Bangkok.

I have been working in the TVC and film industry for about fifteen years.

On each project, I collaborate with the director, the 3D department and the compositing department.

What I like about my work, whether it is for a Matte Painting or a graphic design, is to be able to play with photos and re-purpose

what already exists. I work with perspectives, colours and light to give a very realistic and creative image.

For the past 2 years, I have also been making moodboards, which allows me to bring another artistic direction to projects.

In my site, I present you several projects, where I produce Mattes Painting, Artworks and Moodboards for various post-production, production and agency companies.

I wish you a good tour, see you soon.


Cartier - Caroline Herrera - Peugeot- Renault - Mc Donald - KFC - Wolwswagen - BNP - BMCE - Opel - Bourjois

Bouygues - Yuesai - Sodebo - Canal Play - Chanel - Louis Vuitton - Nurofen - Nike...


Empire of the Wolves - Monsieur N - Aigues Mortes a Port For The Crusades - AO - Lucky Luke - Hitman - Intimates Enemies

The 11 Commandments - Asterix at the Olympic Games - Incontrolable.

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