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My name is Delphine, I am a Digital Matte Painter, Digital Graphist and Artistic Director based in Thailand.

I have been working in the TVC and Film Industry for about fifteen years in Paris, Shanghai and Bangkok.


On each project, I collaborate with directors, supervisors VFX, 3D department, and the Compositing team.

What I love about my work, whether it’s Matte Painting or Visual Design, is the ability to play with photographies, reuse them, or transform them.

I work with perspectives, volumes, colours, and lights to create the most realistic and creative image possible.

My speciality is realistic landscapes and cityscapes.

My best tool is my eye. I am a self-taught, determinated, and professional individual with collaborative spirit and commitment to meeting deadlines.

I also create Mood boards which allows me bring another artistic direction to the project.


On my website, I showcase severals projects, including Matte Painting, Artworks and Mood boards that I have created in collaboration

with Post-production companies, production firms and agencies.


I hope you enjoy your visit ;) See you soon!


Cartier - L'Oréal - Renault - IBM - Smirnoff - KFC - Volkswagen - BNP - BMCE - Coca-Cola - Garnier - Samsonite - Hugo Boss

Bouygues Télécom - Yuesai - SSSport - Canal Play - MOE - Sprite- Ferrero - BEEAH - Velour Noir - Royal Air Maroc....


Empire of the Wolves - Mr N - Aigues Mortes a Port For The Crusades - AO - Lucky Luke - Hitman - Intimates Enemies - The 11 Commandments - Asterix at the Olympic Games - Incontrollable - A Man and his Dog - Crime Is Our Business - A Ticket To Space - Oceans.

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